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Tarpon Fishing Boat In Miami

We fish out of a 17ft Maverick HPX flats boat.  The boat holds up to 2 people but we accommodate for another captain if needed.  


I use Shimano reels and Biscayne rods for plug and light tackle fishing. 


For fly fishing, I use Tibor and Nautilus reels with Sage and G loomis rods.  I tie most my own flies or use custom tied flies from other guides. 

Since you may have the opportunity to catch a fish that can weigh over 100 lbs., you need to have the right equipment:

  • If you’re targeting baby tarpon in the backcountry you can get away with using a 7ft medium rod with a 3000 series reel. You can have 15lb braided line with a 40lb leader and do just fine with baby tarpon.
  • For fly fisherman you can use a 6wt-8wt setup with a 30lb-40lb leader system.
  • If you’re targeting fish in the 50-80lb range you might need to beef up your tackle a little. You would want to use a medium-heavy rod with a 5000 series reel.  That will allow you to put more line on the reel and also more pressure on the fish. You would have to bump up your leader to maybe 50lb-60lb depending on the situation.
  • For fly fisherman on fish in that class you would use a 9wt-10wt setup with a 40lb-60lb leader system.
  • For tarpon in the 100lb range, you would use a heavy rod with a 6000 series reel and a 50-80lb leader.
  • Fly fisherman would use a 10wt-12wt setup with a 40lb-60lb leader system.
You never want to bring a knife to a gun fight so having the right size tackle is important on landing the fish quickly to release to catch another day.



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