Everglades Fishing

We are definitely in our wintertime pattern down in the Everglades, with fronts rolling through South Florida every week or so.  We have another front coming through later today, with temperatures dropping into the 40s.  This definitely changes up the style of fishing we do on the colder days.  We have had some days catching over 100 fish, throwing jigs tipped with shrimp and gulp.  Alot of those days you able to catch a variety of different species, which makes the Everglades such an exciting place to fish.  The sight fishing can be really good on those warm days between the fronts.  I am throwing weedless jerk baits and alot of EPbaitfish pattern flies when fishing deep in the backcountry.

Everglades Redfish

I have been fishing everyday since before Christmas, so I apologize for the lack of reports. The fishing has been pretty good to great on most days. The warm weather has the fish a little confused on where to go. We have a major cold front coming tomorrow and that will change everything. Here’s 13 year old Addison with a nice flats redfish.



I was only on the water twice this past week because I have been working on getting the Pathfinder up and running.  I am very excited about this boat because it gives us a lot of different options when it comes to fishing.  I plan on using it mostly for tarpon fishing at night in downtown Miami during the shrimp run, which will start in a few weeks and last until the summer.

Now back to the fishing, with the weather being so warm, the tarpon are THICK in the interior of the Glades.  They will continue to hang around until we get another cold front.  The redfishing has been pretty good, both out front and along the coast.
The fishing around the dock lights for snook is red hot right now and with the small baits, the advantage goes to the fly fisherman.  A great way to start if you were ever thinking about picking up a fly rod.

Sweetwater Snook

We are a few weeks away from our shrimp runs that happen every year in Miami, when the tarpon stack up around the bridges and inlets.  I have been spending some time deep in the Everglades where it’s almost all fresh water.  The snook are back there fattening up for winter.  Here’s the fish of the day…


Snook Fishing

The snook fishing in downtown Miami is still really good, with lots of shots at big fish around the dock lights.  The Tarpon are shifting from eating mullet to getting ready for the shrimp runs we have every winter.   I added a 20 ft Pathfinder bay boat for that style of fishing.  I am very excited about fishing this boat.  It gives us alot of great options!


Everglades Backcountry

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is fishing deep in the Everglades backcountry.  A lot of wildlife and some great fishing.

The night fishing around Miami is about to get red hot with our cold fronts that are moving in.  A lot of great options in South Florida right now!