Shark Fishing

I don’t do a lot of shark fishing, but the last 2 days were a lot of fun watching John and Gary pull on some giant sharks.  We also got into a bunch of snappers, a few nice Gag groupers, and bunch of really big Jacks.  I love the fishing the Glades because you just don’t know what your gonna run into.



Glades tarpon

Some pretty good tarpon fishing going on right now in the Glades.  The baby tarpon are all over the place and the bigger fish are still hanging around.  We have a few more weeks before the big ones take off for the winter.  Lets go get on some big poons!


Miami snook and tarpon fishing

Not being able to fish the Everglades is forcing me to fish Miami at night.  Not a bad 2nd option.  If you catch the right tide at night, the tarpon fishing is really good.   The snook are hanging around the dock lights Busting baits that swim by.  If you find a lighted dock in about 3-4 ft of water with current, you will find snook. 



Miami night fishing

Having the Everglades shut down for the time being has forced me to spend some time fishing at night.  Although I do a lot of night fishing in the spring, I don’t do a lot of night fishing this time of the year because the Glades is usually the place to be in the fall.  We had a pretty good week “after hours” fishing from Jupiter to Miami.  I love fishing the dock lights because it’s pretty much sight fishing.  We saw some very large snook, pushing 20lbs swimming in the lights the last few nights.  The tarpon are there also swimming along side the snook, which is really cool to see.
If you were ever thinking about picking up a fly rod, this is what I would recommend doing first.  It doesn’t require long cast, you are usually out of the wind, and you have a great opportunity to feel what fighting a fish on fly is like.  If you have been fly fishing for a while, this is a great way to land a trophy snook or tarpon!