Snook on the coast

Big snook and tarpon swimming along the coast out of Flamingo.  Alot of whitebait along the shorelines for them to eat.  We’re looking for birds along the shorelines to tell us exactly where the bait is.  Here’s a over slot snook caught on an EP fly.


Fall in Miami

The bait is trickling down south like they always do this time of year.  I have been out a few nights and there has been alot of big snook hanging around.  The tarpon are somewhat scattered, but they will be very thick in the next few weeks or so.  This is the time for a trophy snook and possible a triple digit tarpon!

Late Summer Fishing

We are still a few weeks away from getting a good push of bait to head south.  When this happens, it’s game on for big tarpon around Miami.  In the meantime, we have been hammering the redfish around Flamingo.  Great time to be up in the flats.