Everglades Snook Fishing

I was down in Flamingo with photographer/author Jan Maizler and Alan Williams this weekend. The plan was to sight fish up on the flats. First thing in the morning, we ran into a school of about 200 tailing over slot redfish. Jan made a great cast to the front of the school and immediately hooked up, but ended up losing that fish after a short battle. The next few hours were spent casting to some very finicky tailing redfish that refused everything we threw at them. We hit one last flat and were rewarded with some big snook on top water. We ended the day with 8 snook all sight fished with 3 of them being over slot fish. Sometimes hard work does pay off!

Summer Time

Summer time fishing in Flamingo definitely forces you bring bug spray for the ramp in the morning, but if your able to get through that, there are plenty of redfish tailing up on the flats, along with snook and tarpon swimming along the coast. Some of the best fishing takes place in the Glades this time of year. No place in the world can you have the opportunity of catching a grand slam (redfish, snook, tarpon, trout) EVERYDAY!  There are so many options to choose from, which makes the Everglades a place that has to be on your to do list.

The night time bite in South Florida also ranks as some of the best fishing this time of year. The dock lights are completely filled with snook and there are plenty of tarpon hanging around the bridges and cuts of Miami.  This is a good way to beat the summer heat.

These are just a few reasons why I love fishing South Florida in the Summer…

Flamingo Reds

Fished with good friend Dennis Wilson on his Maverick 17 HPX down in Flamingo this week. He has been kind enough to let me borrow his boat the last few weeks while mine is in the shop getting repowered. ALOT of redfish tailing and some good size snook up on the flats busting mullet. Picking up my skiff tomorrow with a new Yamaha F50.

Ed’s Tarpon

Ed landed some redfish in morning and finished with a nice 50 lb. tarpon. All on fly. June has to be one of my favorite times to be in the Everglades.  When its “muggy and buggy, its time to fish the Glades!