Back in The Everglades

I have not been out on the water the last few days because of the high winds and the non-stop raining.  This time of year it’s suppose to be sunny with light winds and tarpon rolling everywhere, but what are you gonna do.  I will be fishing out of Flamingo the next few days so should have a good idea whats going on out there.  The snook fishing should be red hot right now!

Fishing the Flats near Flamingo

We spend most of our time targeting tarpon this time of year, but every so often we change it up a little and chase after some of those tailing redfish up on the flats. I had Steven from Germany fly fishing with me down in Flamingo this past weekend. We got into a bunch of tailing and floating redfish. The redfishing still remains strong on the flats close to Flamingo.

Topwater Redfish- Flamingo

Went down to Flamingo to do a little recon. I have been fishing at night for tarpon and haven’t been down to Flamingo in a week or so.  Worked the flats close to the marina.   Got into some tailers and some fish on topwater. Using topwater plugs is one of my favorite ways to fish for redfish in snook!!

Craig’s snook

We had a 4 day fly fishing trip in Flamingo with 10 anglers and 5 boats. Its hard to beat spending time in the Glades this time of the year with the fishing and the weather. The first day was all about redfish and the last three days we chased snook and tarpon. Here’s Craig with his big snook on the first day.


I have been fishing at night in Biscayne Bay for Tarpon and  during the day down in Flamingo the past week or so. The main target has been Tarpon, since there has been so many around lately. We have gotten into midget poons to giant fish over 100lbs.

I fished last night with Chris from Denver. It was pretty quiet fishing in Government Cut but made a few moves and found some very willing tarpon to play with. Here’s Chris with his first ever hooked and landed poon.

This fish took him around the boat a few times and also got caught in the trolling motor. Somehow we landed the fish for a nice pic.

I will be fly fishing down in Flamingo the next 4 days with hopefully some good fishing. The weather looks good with light winds and lots of sunshine.