Tarpon fishing

The fish in the Glades have showed up in masses over the last few days. The bite has been pretty good with a lot of shots on rollers and floaters. This is a prefect situation for fly fisherman. We hooked them on plugs and flies this past week. Dave joined me Saturday in search for some silver.  We hooked 3 fish on plugs that I estimated to be around 110lbs.  All 3 fish threw the hooks but we got a few good jumps out of all of them.   I had Andrew and Travis in the Glades looking for tarpon on Sunday.  We found a bunch and hooked a few on plugs.  We went up a small backcountry creek and found 30 or 40 laid up and rolling tarpon.  Tried everything but could not entice a bite, but it was cool to see that many fish laying around.  Finished the day with some baby tarpon.

The bite around downtown Miami has been really good.  Garrett and Austin joined me for some “after hours” fishing.   We hooked 4 fish on a very windy night and caught 5 mangrove snappers up to 4 lbs.    We have good late outgoing tide this week with a full moon which means a lot of feeding tarpon!

Recent trips

I don’t usually get to do a lot of trout fishing but I can tell you the trout bite has been red hot of late. We have been fishing in some areas where it’s been non-stop action from trout up to 5 lbs.  That is a pretty nice size trout for Florida Bay.  Here is a pic from a recent trip…

Everglades Tarpon

My favorite time of the year is finally here…. Tarpon Season! The tarpon are all over the Everglades right now as well as downtown Miami. We have been spending time fishing Whitewater Bay all the way to Islamorada and have been getting shots at laid-up and cruising tarpon on fly/spin tackle. There is something to be said about casting to an 80-100lb+ fish in ultra clear water, and then watching that fish eat your fly. It is truly an unforgettable experience!

While most people are tarpon fishing this time of the year, that leaves the redfish flats undisturbed. These flats are loaded with tailing redfish and cruising snook this time of year. This is a great 2nd option when the weather doesn’t allow us to tarpon fish.


Fly fishing for laid-up Tarpon in Florida Bay has been outstanding the past few days.  Something to be said about feeding a giant laid up fish in clear water.  A few follows and put a couple of monsters in the air.  It’s hard to beat that!


Rick from Kansas joined me for a day in Flamingo.  We sight fished some reds up on the flats in the morning and slammed big trout in the afternoon.  Don’t have any pictures from the trip because my camera is now swimming somewhere in the Everglades.

Everglades Tarpon

They have arrived again with the warming trend we have had.  Got 2 bites yesterday on fly and plenty of solid shots.  Ended the day with some non-stop trout action.  Back at it tomorrow looking for silver…