Tarpon fishing in Miami

I have spent the past few days fishing between the Everglades and Tarpon fishing at night in Miami.  The tarpon moved in to the Glades but this past cold front we had pushed them right out.  We have had a few good trips of sight fishing for snook on those colder days.  Hopefully the wind will die down soon so we can get to some of the redfish on the flats.

The tarpon fishing in downtown Miami has been red hot with this full moon and late night falling tide we have had this week.  Kevin and Craig joined me and ended the night going 3-14.  We decided to hit one last spot before heading home and that last spot ended up having Craig fight a 130lb tarpon for almost 2 hours.  Got a leader touch on that fish.

The next night I had Arnie and Ellen from Chicago in town looking get in on the fun.  We had a great night jumping 10 fish and landing 1. 

Everglades Bass fishing

I have been out recently doing a little bass fishing out of Holiday Park.  We have caught some fish up to 6 lbs and close to 70-80 fish days.  The water levels are dropping and the fishing should continue to remain very strong.  Here’s picture of one of many…

Everglades Fishing this past week…

The beauty of fishing down in South Florida is the endless options you have. Whether it is in North Miami or a short drive to Everglades National Park, springtime fishing is as good as it gets right now. This month’s fishing has been pretty consistent despite the cooler morning temperatures we’ve had. The past few trips we pushed the Maverick-HPX micro to the limit. We fished from deep in the Glades out of Chokoloskee all the way to the flats of east Florida Bay. We have also spent a few nights in Miami chasing tarpon around the bridges.

The key this week to finding backcountry snook was finding glass minnows. Everywhere we went and found that particular bait, we found snook. There was a 100 yard stretch of shoreline where we ended up getting 15 snook on fly. Most of the snook were post freeze fish, ranging from 18 in. to 24 in. and they ate a #2 deer head sweeper.

The redfish continue to be pretty thick on the flats when the weather allows us to be up there. They should start schooling up in the next few weeks which can be a lot of fun on fly or light spin tackle.
Tarpon fishing is starting to heat up with the cooler weather we have had. The shrimp are making their way through Biscayne Bay and the tarpon are waiting for them at most of the bridges that lead into the inlets. These fish are there to eat, so well presented fly or shrimp will usually to the trick!


Fished out of Chokoloskee this weekend with a front bearing down on us. Winds at 20+ out of the NW. Found some lee shorelines and snook were popping. Landed 10 on fly with Allan Abess.

This Past Week Fishing

It’s been a pretty good week of fishing and it’s been mostly at night.  The cooler weather always makes the night fishery in South Florida heat up a little bit. This is a great way to spend an evening after work.  This style of fishing is all done by sight fishing because these fish are sitting around dock pilings in the light, looking for their next meal.    I have been fishing mostly up north in Jupiter, with a few Miami trips mixed in.  Most of the trips this week had us casting flies at dock lights loaded with snook.  The bait typically this time of year around the dock lights is small bait fish or shrimp, which matches perfect with a smaller size fly.  If you were ever deciding whether or not to start fly fishing, this is a great way to learn.  You don’t necessarily have to cast a mile and it will help teach you how to fight a fish on fly.  The bite remains strong till pretty much summer time.  It’s definitely a lot fun with a lot of action!   I will be fishing out of Chokoloskee this weekend looking for some reds and snook trying to warm up with the front that’s moving in.