Went looking for some Big wintertime backcountry Tarpon down south of Chokoloskee this past weekend.  Found a few rollers and had few decent shots but nothing to show for.  Ended up catching some snook and lost a nice red at the boat.  Water temps reached almost 80 degrees by mid day.  Full moon this week should bring a few fish in….

Fishing the Everglades this weekend

I have a few trips coming up this weekend fishing out of Chokoloskee. We have low tide in the morning which typically concentrates the fish and is great for sight fishing. We have also had some very warm temps, which will bring the tarpon in and they will be hungry. Should have something good to report over the next few days…

Joe and Whitney

Had a couple of Flamingo first timers on the boat yesterday that were looking to catch some tailing redfish. The morning was filled with tails waving all over the place and Joe made short work of a few of them. Finished the day with to many trout to keep track of. Whitney got her first big Florida Bay trout!

North Miami at Night in March…


March is one of my favorite months to be on the water. Typically this is when the tarpon fishing all over South Florida really starts to heat up. The tarpon are in and around the inlets and hanging around the bridges looking for a nice tasty shrimp to ambush. When it comes to tarpon fishing this can be a fly fisherman’s dream. Sight fishing and multiple hook-ups occur nightly. I have my clients throw small to medium size shrimp pattern flies and adjust the leader to the sensitivity of the fish.

Also going on right now at night is the snook fishing around the dock lights. Snook stack up around the docks waiting for shrimp or baitfish to pass by to feed on. These fish in my opinion are easier to catch on fly than spin gear. The presentation with the right fly matches what there eating better than any artificial you can throw. Although, if you throw live bait that’s a completely different story!

Fishing during daylight hours can also be a lot fun during March. When it is not to windy, we get out on the ocean and the Spanish Mackerel are usually jumping all over the schools of bait. We anchor up and get the chum bags out and hopefully bring the fish to us. After getting a couple of Macks on spin gear, I love breaking out the fly rod on these fish. All you have to do is get the fly in the chum slick, strip as fast as you can, and hold on as these fish make very strong runs. This style of fishing is great for beginners.



A little windy!

Fished the freshwater side of the Glades yesterday. I had a trip to Key Largo that I canceled due to 20+knot winds. Splashed the boat at Holiday Park and north along the west side on US 27. Nothing to write home about but a lot of action.

That’s Tarpon Fishing…

I’ve been out a few nights this week fishing for Tarpon around Miami. We landed 2 and jumped a bunch. It sometimes is a challenge to bring the silver king to the boat because when tarpon fishing, there are so many things that can can go wrong. I guess that’s why I love doing it because it’s definitely not easy!  I will be fishing out of Key Largo this weekend doing a little recon for some upcoming trips I have.

Spanish Makeral Fishing

Went out a few miles off of Oxfoot Bank looking for Macks. A bit sporty in a skiff but managed a couple of nice ones. Finished the day catching redfish and trout in very shallow water.

The tides are perfect this week for some Tarpon Fishing in Miami. I am offering $50 off of a night trip this week for tarpon. Nice cool weather should have the shrimp moving! Call me…

Fishing Flamingo

No matter what type of weather you have there is always something to fish for in Flamingo. We’ve had some cooler temps the past few days and a small front coming tonight which will keep the cooler weather here and bring in some Spanish Mackerel!!  So, given the weather conditions, were gonna go try and smack some macks.   Got a few blocks of chum and our light spin gear/fly rods ready to go, hopefully for a lot of action. This is the time of year for this style of fishing and when the macks are thick it is a blast on fly. The best part about it is you get to load the cooler up and somke’em when you get home, just in time for the Super Bowl tomorrow..