The winter time sight fishing has been very good lately. The strong north wind clears up the water clarity and the low AM tide we ‘ve had this week has been ideal for sight fishing. We’ve had good numbers of redfish, blackdrum, trout, and snook. Here’s a picture of one I got on a recon day… Happy New Year to everyone and looking for an exciting 2013!!

Winter Redfish

It was 43 degrees when we left the dock and we ran for about 30 minutes into a 20 knot wind. When we finally thawed out, the redfish were everywhere. Here’s one of the many we sightfished in the Glades.

On the first day of winter…

Mother nature was right on cue today with some cold weather on the first day of winter.  Looks like it might dip into the high 30′s tomorrow morning.  I’ll be out of Chokoloskee tomorrow with a later than normal start.  A strong North wind tomorrow will keep things cool all day long.  There’s not much better than spending a day in the Glades….

Black Drum

We have some fronts moving in this week that should bring some cooler weather. We fished with shrimp and jigheads and ended up with over 40 redfish and this lone black drum. Kevin taking advantage of the Glades.

Low Tide

Fished down near Lostmans River this weekend with a -1.0 low tide in the am. Alot of redfish schooled up chasing bait along with a ton of sheepies. Ended up with a few nice reds on fly and decided to chase the tide up in the backcountry. Alot of snooklets roaming around back there and very willing to eat a fly.

Glades Fly Fishing

The winter fishing in the Everglades can be a challenge at times with the wind from passing fronts, and the extremely low negative tides that we have on the new and full moons. That being said, the North/Northeast wind clears the water up and sometimes if it is a strong enough wind, it will keep the tide out which means more sight fishing for fly fisherman. Enticing a fish to eat a fly and then watching that fish eat, is extremely addicting. This time of year the Glades offers some of the best sight fishing opportunities in the world.

New Moon

We have a new moon today with some very low tides in the morning. It’s a little dicey running around the oyster bars but great if you like to sight fish with a fly rod. I’ll be fishing out of Everglades City the next few days.

Tarpon on fly

I fished two new clients, Steve and Jessie from Hollywood, FL this weekend down in Flamingo. These two guys are  fly fishing junkies and were a blast to have on the skiff. We had a great day despite the weather, hooking into about 8 tarpon and landing 1 on fly. Alot of fun to see these midget tarpon go flying as soon as you put a hook in them!