Backcountry Sweeper

The fly that I have been using a lot of recently is the Backcountry Sweeper. It is a fairly well known fly developed by one of the greats, Capt. Steve Huff. It was originally tied for fishing down in the everglades for big snook and baby tarpon. It rides high in the water column and is perfect for fishing along mangrove shorelines where snook, tarpon, and redfish are looking to ambush baits. I have also fished it extensively on the flats around Flamingo for redfish and have had some great success with it.

The Post Brothers

We fished down in Flamingo yesterday with some tough weather conditions.  We were not able to get up on the flats due to having no sun but still managed a Everglades Slam. (Redfish, Snook, and Trout).  Alot of fun fishing with Pete and Kenny Post.

North Wind

I’ll be down in Flamingo the next few days and we have a light to moderate North wind. It should help the water clarity and that nice cool breeze should have some fish up on the flats a little longer throughout the day.

A Flamingo Thanksgiving


One of the many reason I love fishing the Glades is because it’s different everyday. You can fish the same spot two days in a row and it can be hot one day and ghost town the next. Whether it is the wind direction, water clarity, bait, or salinity levels the fish are always moving around, so it forces us as anglers to adjust with them. What you saw yesterday might be completely different the next and that’s what I love about being able to fish the Glades.

I hope everyone has gets to spend sometime with family and friends this upcoming week. This is always a good time to reflect and be thankful for everything we have. I love this time of year because the weather is usually great and the fishing is just as good. I will be down in Flamingo for most of next week, but I do have a few days open so give me a call and we will get on some fish.

Garmin Boys

Fished the last two days from Everglades City to Biscayne Bay. We got some great video and over 3,000 pictures were taken in the two days. Got some nice redfish as well. The new Garmin’s that will be out next year look really cool.

South Florida fly fishing

As I sit down and write this report, we are finally experiencing some fall and early winter weather down here in South Florida. The cold fronts are moving in regularly now, which means some pretty good night fishing around Biscayne Bay. There are still plenty of mullet around, but as we move into these cooler months, the bait gets a little smaller which gives the edge to the fly fisherman. Just as we match the hatch for the mullet, now it’s back to tying small shrimp pattern flies to match the bait that is being flushed out from the many grass flats of Biscayne Bay. I’ve recently tied shrimp pattern flies on #4 and #6 size hooks to throw at dock lights that are covered with snook and medium size tarpon. It’s exciting to watch these fish attack your fly as you strip it through some of these dock lights that are holding fish.
I’ve spent this past month fishing Biscayne Bay at night and Flamingo during the day time. The flats close to Flamingo have had a lot action on them. Tailing redfish in extremely shallow water has been red hot and on occasions you will see snook busting baits in the potholes on the same flat. My anglers have been throwing deer head flies that stay up in the water column and we’ve had some epic bites.
As we approach the holiday season and you start looking for gifts to give the angler in the family, you have to check out Biscayne Rods. They are a very well known offshore, light tackle, and fly rod company right here in Miami, FL. They make some of the finest rods I have ever used and I always have 2 or 3 of their rods on board.

Snook on Fly

Spent a few days this past weekend fishing with good friend Allan Albess over in Everglades City. We spent time deep in the glades and ran as far south as Lostmans River. Had a bunch of shots at laid up snook and caught quite a few on fly. Something about being deep in the jungle that makes you not want to leave.